About Me

My name is Bina. I have worked as child care provider since 2007. My journey began by studying and volunteering at Froebel Education Centre in Mississauga, Ontario under mentorship of Dr. Barbara Corbett. My knowledge of Friedrich Froebel's philosophy and principles of education was embraced by Royal Montessori School in Greater Toronto Area where I worked full time and became experienced in delivering the curriculum introduced by Maria Montessori. My experience was complemented at Sacred Heart Preschool where I developed expertise in designing and delivering a wide range of activities for children. In 2014, my husband and I chose Calgary as permanent home for our family of four.

My Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision & Mission

My vision is to build confidence in children by offering a warm, welcoming, fun and educational environment to all ages with particular focus on preschoolers, toddlers and infants. My mission is to leverage the experience gained from various childcare centers to develop programs and activities for children, and to effectively contribute to development of their growth. 


I believe in importance of quality education in early years of childhood.  Children will not meet milestones all at the same time, nor is it reasonable to expect them to do so. I work with parents to develop group and individual programs to ensure that each child will have a rich education experience.  


We do lots of craft-works and outdoor activities. I motivate kids to stay active, enjoy every moment, and build unforgettable sweet memories of their childhood.

Last but not least...

I help school-age children complete their homework or practice music while in my care. They are welcome to use our piano or bring their own instruments.

Additional Information

Alberta-Approved Family Dayhome

My family dayhome is approved in Alberta. I work with "Calgary & Region Family Day Home Agency".

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Froebel and Montessori Curriculum

A joy-filled education experience for each child and a safe environment for children to express their creative ideas and to be granted the time to follow through with them.


Nut-free meal and snack are made of fresh ingredients (mostly organic). I work with parents to develop meal and snack plans for children that are allergic to gluten, dairy products, etc.

Contact to schedule an interview

Phone: 403-481-7418

Email:   ChildhoodMemoryDayhome@gmail.com

Facebook Page: @ChildhoodMemoryDayhome

Childhood Memory Dayhome

Royal Oak Heights NW, Calgary, AB, CA